Vision, Mission & Goals

District Vision
A transformed community from semi peasantry to a modern and urbanized district within 30 Years.

District Mision
To serve the people of Wakiso to Improve their Quality of Life.

District Objectives
Strategic Objectives

  • To promote quality and quantity of economic infrastructural developments in a planned manner.
  • To enhance household income through promotion of Small scale enterprises and agricultural productivity
  • To increase access to quality social services.
  • To enhance good governance through accountability in District departments and Lower Local Governments.
  • To promote ICT application and increase technological applications.
  • To promote sustainable land use settlements and proper utilization of natural resource endowments.
  • To promote participation of all stakeholders in all government development programmes.

Developmental Objectives

  • Improving management and administration at both higher and LLGs
  • Improving financial resources mobilization, financial management and financial services.
  • Increasing quantity and building the capacity of human resources.
  • Increasing stock and improving the quality of physical infrastructure.
  • Promoting gender quality and equity through gender responsiveness in various government programmes.
  • Promoting and increasing ICT applications.