This department focuses on contributing to the improvement of the health status of the people in the district so as to lead a socially and economic productive life, which is carried out within the framework of the national health policy whose overall objective is to reduce mortality, morbidity and the disparities therein. Wakiso District has seven (7) Health Sub Districts in Entebbe, Busiro South, Busiro North, Busiro East, Kyadondo North, Kyadondo South and Kyadondo East. The district has a total...

Education & Sports

his sector oversees education, training and development of the young generation and turning them into responsible citizens and leaders of tomorrow in the district. The District has 1,692 Primary schools of which 256 are Government aided and 1436 are private. The teachers on government payroll are 2632 primary, 497 secondary and 115 from the tertiary institutions. There are 580 secondary schools of which 57 are Universal Secondary education (USE) schools and 523 are private tertiary institutions 2 universities Kisubi and...

Internal Audit

Section 90 of the Local Governments Act Cap 243 stipulates the existence of the Internal Audit department in every district whose duties and responsibilities are also well defined by regulations 2007 and the Local Government Audit Manual 2007. The department has the mandate to carry out audits in health centers, schools, sub-counties, district council departments, LDG grant, CBG grant, CDD, manpower audit, NAADS, special audits and investigations and any other projects. Mission To provide independent, objective assurance and consulting services that add...


Department Goal To improve the management and accountability of the financial resources of the district. Department’s executive To supervise and coordinate department activities in accordance with the local Governments and Accounting regulations (LGFAR) To identify and supervise collection of sufficient revenue to ensure that service delivery standards are met. To promote an accountable Wakiso District Local Government (through preparation of required financial reports in accordance with FAR). To contribute to the sustainable growth of the district economy through funding sectors. Services offered ...

Administration & HR

The directorate coordinates the overall functionality of 11 directorates at the District level, 23 lower local governments located in the district. Departmental Mandate To develop, manage and administer human resource, district policies and systems, for efficient and effective service delivery. Mission To serve the district through a coordinated delivery of services that focus on national and local priorities to promote sustainable and social-economic development. Objectives To effect administrative checks and supervision at least once a year. To ensure coordination of departmental activities To offer...

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