Transport System

Air Transport

Uganda’s only international airport at Entebbe is found in Wakiso district. Being the gate way to Uganda, Wakiso is served with a number of local and international airlines with regular schedules to Entebbe and helps connect tourists to and from Uganda.

Road Transport

All the main roads in and out of Kampala city go through Wakiso district. As such the district is served with a network of all-weather roads and a number of marram roads generally in a good condition though the main bus station is found in the city.

These buses traverse the whole country and beyond. Bus services focus on up-country travel though there are various Minibus taxis, which also operate on up-country routes. There are two types of taxis: the matatus or minibuses labeled with blue or white lines. Carrying up to 15 passengers and making many stops.

There are special hires (taxis) which carry a sign on the roof for passengers who want their privacy. There are also a number of car rentals for self-drive.

Railway and Water Transport

The main rail line that connects Kampala to Mombasa port also passes through Wakiso. There are also prospects of starting a train service through Kampala to the Eastern side of Wakiso to Mukono.

Lake Victoria also offers a ferry service, which sails from various landing sites on the shoreline in Wakiso district to Mwanza (Tanzania), Kisumu (Kenya) and Bukoba (Tanzania)