Tourism Atttractions

There are a number of tourist attractions in Wakiso that will fit in any of your imagination.

For those who would like to know more about the famous Buganda kingdom, one of the few existing monarchies in the world will be in for a great show.

The famous Kabaka’s Trail, a trail taken by the Kabaka which encompasses the most important sites of Buganda’s Kabaka’s (Kings) including the Naggalabi, Buganda’s coronation site where the Kabaka is enthroned and the current Kabaka’s palace in Banda. There also other historical sites that include Katereke an ancient prison for Buganda’s royals, different tombs for the royals, and ancient Buganda kings’ palace among other sites that will give you a great insight of the Buganda Kingdom.

These are coupled with the traditional dance, music and craft making as demonstrated in the different entertainment and cultural centers.

Entebbe as a former administrative center and capital of the then Ugandan Protectorate in the pre-colonial era, adds to the district glamour with its historical old but beautiful buildings like the Ministry of Agriculture building which still has the inscription “1927”.

For those who love nature, the Botanical Gardens are a popular picnic and swimming spot with different plant species and butterflies making them spectacular, while just across them are the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC).

This centre has a collection of different wild animals and plants and also acts as a research centers. People always get the experience in feeding the giraffes, looking at the lions take a meal or the crocodiles bask in the glory, not forgetting the stubborn monkeys jumping over the trees.

A number of Islands are worth a visit and these include Ngamba Island with tropical rain forests, which is a Chimpanzee sanctuary and Wildlife Conservation trust. Bugala Island is an up market sailing and water sport resort on Lake Victoria and Lutembe which hosts a variety of bird species. . Spot fishing takes place on Lake Victoria the home to the famous Uganda Nile Perch, a delicacy across the world.
To the religious, Namugongo Martyrs Shrine is located about 12km out of Kampala off Jinja road. This is the site of were 37 Christian converts were burnt to death on orders of Kabaka Mwanga on 3rd June 1886. On the visit of Pope Paul VI to Uganda in 1969, the martyrs were canonized and since then the shrine has become an important site for Uganda Christians and Tourists. There are two churches built at the site, one for the Roman Catholics and the other for the Anglicans and on June 3, many trek to the site to remember the Martyrs.