Frequently Asked Questions

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Speaker chairs council meetings and chairman monitors council activities.

The Chairman is the overall both of the district but CAO is the accountable officer and technical adviser.

Chairman is head of political wing and CAO is head of civil service both coordinate.

We provide services like road construction, provision of safe water health services and education. e.t.c

The support is a loan which is supposed to be repaid after one year.

A Court of Law grants a foster parent permission to stay with child for 3 years. If proved responsible, Court of Law grants an adoption order.

Anyone who missed formal education and wants to acquire reading, numeracy, practical knowledge and skills.

Institutionalization of children should be last resort after all avenues of tracing parents, guardians and relatives have failed. The home should be licensed by MGLSD.

Different program have procedures and requirements that have to be fulfilled. However some groups may fulfill all these requirements but are not supported due to limited resources.

Wakiso district is not among pilot districts in which elderly are supported under special grant for elderly.