Frequently Asked Questions

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Students who have passed PLE with aggregate 4-28.

It’s only about attaching details of the Engineer to supervise the building on the submission of your plans for approval.

At present the available machinery is not road worth to meet the demand but when we procure new machine we shall ably embrace private public partnership in road maintenance.

Some developer which untrusted agents and do not submit in time or lack of attachment of important document or inefficient of our own system.

By Developers submitting plans to department for heading.

Central Government was refunded the need to declare Wakiso as an urbanized District, therefore need to increase funding towards tarmacking some roads.

Property rate is paid by the landlords who have properties that are used for commercial purpose and unlike other taxes, 75% of the collected property rate goes back to the respective areas where the money has come from on the advice of the property rate payers, indicating their priority needs where as other taxes do not necessarily go back to where the tax payers come from.

Property rates are paid by the landlords with properties for commercial purposes.

The sub counties collect and share it 65% for sub counties and 35% for the district.

Town council are independent of the district though not autonomous make their budget plans, collect their revenue without sharing with the district, while the sub county are not independent, they share their revenue with district.