Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Taxes are accounted for by implementing the budgets approved by council.
  • To ensure transparency we have a radio programme on CBS 89.2 FM where we explain to the masses what we intend to do, what we have done and what challenges we are encountering and how we are addressing them.
  • We publish quarterly magazines that indicate what we do.
  • The community is also regularly informed through elected leaders.
  1. The tax payers have a right to appeal in case they feel they are unfairly assessed.
  2. They have a right to demand for services such as schools, roads, health.
  3. Tax payers have an obligation to pay lawful taxes.

Save for market dues and park fees which are paid directly to the best evaluated bidders/ service providers awarded by the district all the funds are banked directly to the district accounts. In most cases printed bank slips are provided.

Payment of the fees depends on the area in square meters occupied by house. However the least amount payable is shs300, 000.

Payment of taxes is a constitutional and civic duty for national development and service delivery. The department is a service department that collects revenue and funds other sectors which undertake the actual service delivery like works which constructs and maintains roads and buildings, health which delivers health services, production which engages in agriculture, veterinary services and forestry, education services.

  1. Central government transfers
  2. Donor funds
  3. Locally raised funds that is property tax, local service tax, local hotel tax, plan fees, rents from district markets, market dues, park fees, licenses and permits, land fees, registration of businesses, advertisement/ billboard fee.

Schools implementing the USE programme in the District are 60. These are; (see attached list highlighting sub-counties where they are situated).

  1. Sending students to schools.
  2. Paying for the m mid-day meal.
  3. Providing other school requirements viz; buying school uniform, provision of notebooks, pens etc.

Pays salaries for teachers in Government Aided schools.
Provide textbooks, chemicals and laboratory apparatus where is it necessary.

Pays shs. 47,000/- for students in Secondary schools partnering with Government in the implementation of the programme.