Frequently Asked Questions

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Period ranges between 2weeks and a month if all requirements met.

See link for building plan submission checklist

It is the departmental role and mandate to ensure proper land management through proper planning.

Yes you do. To ensure compliance with the approved building plans.

YES, due to the fact that the whole country is declared a planning area as regard to the Physical Planning Act 2010

  1. Uganda Land Commission: hold and manages land vested in Government
  2. District Land Board: holds and manages land hitherto vested in former controlling authorities including land that does not belong to anyone within the district.
  3. Buganda Land Board; holds and manages land vested in the Kabaka of Buganda
  4. Other land boards operated by religious bodies such as the catholic church and Anglican church

This may be determined by a number of factors deemed relevant by the physical planning concerns of the area. However the generally accepted minimum plot size is 100×50 ft.

Except for a tenant who settles or settled on land with the consent of a landlord under a given arrangement, a tenant is free to utilize his/her land in the best way possible subject to the planning concerns of the area.

The law circumstances eviction of tenants and only permits eviction in very exceptional circumstances which include the following:

  1. Non-payment of ground rent.
  2. Sale of Kibanja by the tenants without availing the landlord the first option to buy.
  3. Abandonment of Kibanja for a period not less than 3 years.

It should be noted that even eviction in the exceptional circumstances stated must be sanctioned by court.